And the winner is…

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Viva Energy Geelong Refinery Club Legend Award 2018.


David Rea

Club Legend Award Winner
$5,000 individual prize + $5,000 for the Barwon Soccer Club


Rod Smith

Club Legend Award Runner-Up
$2,000 individual prize + $2,000 for the Portarlington Demons Football Netball Club


Scott Smith

People’s Choice Award
$2,000 individual prize + $2,000 for the Newcomb Power Football Netball Club


The Viva Energy Geelong Refinery would like to thank the sporting clubs of Greater Geelong and the entire Greater Geelong community for getting behind the Club Legend award and recognising the unsung heroes that help make our clubs great.

Viva Energy Geelong Refinery is committed to giving back to our local community.

We have several other community partnerships in place, which help support North Geelong and the broader Greater Geelong region. Please see our website for more information.

The Club Legend program will have a break now, but please keep an eye on the Viva Energy Geelong Refinery Club Legend Facebook page for updates and alerts about future programs.

Congratulations again to the winners and all our finalists.

2018 Winner

David Rea

Club Founder and President

Barwon Soccer Club

Dave Rea founded Barwon Soccer club 26 years ago, just after he arrived in Australia. Over this time, Dave has filled many roles including player, coach, parent, handy man, pitch line marker, canteen and bar volunteer, committee member, secretary, treasurer, stand in referee, Club President and senior female coach just to name a few! There is no job too big or too small that Dave does not want to be involved with. Dave is the life and soul of Barwon Soccer Club.

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Through dedication, passion for the game and against all odds, Dave has slowly grown the club and today it has become one of Geelong’s largest community soccer clubs: it has over 500 junior and senior members.

Dave has been involved in establishing and hosting the Club’s annual ladies day which recognises all our female players and raises money for charities. He has also established a system to support young players and families who are unable to pay for sport club fees.

Dave has created a community at Barwon, bringing many families together from all over the world, providing a safe and supportive environment for people of all ages to come together and play the sport they love or watch their children play.

Dave’s values of honesty, respect and hard work flow through the club. Dave is a true gentleman and is and will always be a club legend at Barwon Soccer Club.

2018 Runner-up

Rod Smith

Football management and Club Volunteer

Portarlington Demons Football and Netball Club

Rod Smith has served the Portarlington Demons Football and Netball Club for more than five decades. He has held a variety of roles since he first became involved in 1965.

A colourful character around the club – Smithy can be found at the clubrooms from the crack of dawn until clean-up time on match-days; and every training night regardless of the weather. His current official titles are umpires escort and masseur.

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As well as his official duties, Smithy prepares the snacks for the training squads every Tuesday night. He also supports the playing group at Thursday night training and on match day supplying equipment from tape through to bandages.

Invariably having a happy twinkle in his eye, Rod is also a source of great comfort and solace for those people who may have to deal with challenges or tragedies in their lives. In recent years, a very talented netballer and a member of one of the town’s long established families was struck down by an incurable cancer at a relatively early age. Throughout her journey Smithy was her chauffeur, confidant and a source of great comfort and support. At the end, he organised her large memorial service. Two years ago, the club secretary’s wife passed away with MND and Smithy has been an active fundraiser at club and community events ever since, taking great pride in wearing the FreezeMND beanie. It is that sort of genuine and heartfelt empathy that makes him a highly recognised and much loved figure at Portarlington Demons Football and Netball Club.

Smithy has been part of the Demons for more than a third of its 144 year history. When many in Portarlington think of the football/netball club, they think of Smithy and his significant contribution to the football club and the town.

2018 People's Choice

Scott Smith

Junior Football Coordinator

Newcomb Power Football Netball Club

Scott Smith has been part of the Newcomb Power Football Netball Club for many years. In the past six years as Junior Football Coordinator, he has taken the club from just 20 Auskickers to over 200 junior footballers – counting boys, girls and 60 Auskickers.

Scott runs football clinics at five local schools and an annual super clinic at Newcomb Power for these kids. Scott tirelessly fundraises to improve the junior footballers’ facilities and is always looking for opportunities to maintain a fun and inclusive program.

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Over the past couple of years, Scott has been instrumental in ensuring that all children can play the game they love with their friends. As a result of his efforts, two young boys with Down syndrome now play junior footy for our club, reinforcing the notion of equality and inclusiveness in our sport and community. This has had a huge impact not only on our own football community but on the wider AFL landscape.

Scott is always at the club, larger than life, greeting everyone with a smile and a good natured joke. He is always looking for opportunities to include children who aren’t playing footy at the club and finds a way so they feel useful and included.

Scott is a terrific club role model for many reasons – he makes himself accessible to children and parents, demonstrates respect to all he encounters, shows playing football should be fun and leads the charge in pitching in to help out when required.

Scott is a huge part of not only the Newcomb Power club, but the wider Geelong football community who appreciate how much effort he puts into making the club the family friendly, inclusive environment it is today.